[VN]TechLead engineer

Engineer, Ho Chi Minh City

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This position will develop/manage EC sites on Shopify for Influencers, brand accounts in the Thai market. And you’ll also lead the EC platform team in Vietnam (1-3 engineers)


  • VN

What You'll Do

  • Develop/Manage EC site built with Shopify tools.
    • Develop a normal EC site with Shopify HTML template.
    • Develop an enterprise (Headless) EC site with Shopify StoreFront API.
  • Discuss with internal staff & clients, about EC site specs, and build it.
  • Cooperate with global EC platform engineers about shared components, APIs for developing Headless EC sites.
  • Localize our corporate site, service sites.

Tools We Use

  • Programming language: TypeScript, (any backend language)
  • Framework: Shopify StoreFront API, Next.js, (Wordpress)
  • Infrastructure: GCP(Cloud Run, Firebase, any DB), AWS(S3, CloudFront, AWS Lambda)
  • VCS: Git
  • Communication tool: Slack
  • Project management: JIRA with Agile Board
  • Document/Requirement management: Confluence

For the back-end development, we’ll build a full-managed system with Cloud Run, AWS lambda, managed DB. So you can choose any programming language running on it.

Who You Are

  • Good knowledge of React, CSS, TypeScript, GCP or AWS.
  • 1+ years of experience in front-end development.
  • 1+ years of experience in using GCP or AWS.
  • Able to discuss with Vietnamese clients about website design in Vietnamese language.
  • Knows about basic internet infrastructure like DNS, CDN, Linux commands.



  • Knowledge about SEO, web performance tuning, web security.
  • Some experience in developing EC sites.
  • Some experience in designing web sites.